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Labour is most important element of any organization specially those who  have big manufacturering units . The big manufacturer place their plant across different state and city’s across India. This strategically located units have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Among the disadvantages one is they need to bring the local manpower supplier and local Labour within the location of plant. While it is perfectly fine to bring the local manpower supplier for this, it carries it’s own risk of going out of compliance,unions and limitations  of carrying out the huge demand of MIS that corporate office need.

There are several limitations of local manpower supplier

  • He can carryout the supplier task but many time he will not be able to understand the compliance part. 
  • Many a time vendor don’t pay the government statutory dues which he collect from the company.
  • He may not have person competatant enough to understand the rule and regulation of government which changes very frequently.
  • The safety and the health issue is one of the most ignored thing observed with this contactors. They don’t fulfill the documentation required to get person insured before he mate with any safety concerns.
  • In this case principle employer  faces legal battle with suffered person in court.
  • Frequent changes in Labour contacters lead to loss of data.
  • Jnn can manage all the Labour contactor vendor whether it is for helper, office Boyes, worker on production line or any kind of manpower which have been put on Labour contactors role .

    how Jnn can help you to solve this problem 

  • The centralize monitoring, payment, compliance, escalation handling can solve the problem at plant level.
  • Organisation don’t need to manage the different cost center for different Location if they want.
  • Jnn also work on cost center individually and centralize it for simplification.
  • Jnn can create location and sector wise bespoke report that help management to understand the cost spend on manpower.
  • It also solve the problem of out of Budget expense where you need to take quarterly meetings for extra  budget allocation.

This service is important for Big Multinational and Indian companies who have their plant spread across North east west and south India. Also for companies handling all from head quarters which.

If you interested in above proposal then give us a call would be meeting up for further on this.

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