Worker at Construction Companies -What Government want you to do

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We Hear the recent announcement of Central government labor ministry to bring more worker from  construction companies under the social security scheme . There are efforts being made to bring the largest  employer of india under the Labour laws.

Currently there are negligible number of people enjoying the benefits of Labour laws.

Under the regulation of employment and condition of service act 1996 there are various measures being taken to provide safety, health and welfare for Contruction worker but there implementation is negligible.

The increase demand of infrastructure and construction have created massive amounts of employment in India.

But the future of this Labour is not been taken care by most of the companies as it lead to more cost, high turnover and no valid document to provide the benefits.

But ministry of Labour had ordered strict implementation of the said act with more coercive measure.

The first step was taken in 2008 with act of unorganized sector social security act.

This effots also paying dividend as many big mnc had implement the voluntery provide fund and state insurance to secure the future of Labour.

Even if the Labour have acquired skills over the period their salary and living standard doesn’t improved.

Govermemtn aslo eyeing the big revenue which it will generate from the application of this laws.

Government of maharashtra had started register the worker at the construction site and enrolled around 40000 so far, gom is incentivising the worker who register themselves with facility such as financial assistance of 15000 on pregnancy, education supper of 1200, 5000 for scoring 50% mark. 50000 if construction worker employee goes for medical or engineering course. 

But this scheme is out of limelight and still seeing poor awareness of worker registration.


Jobnet can contribute to your growing demand of implementation of social security if you are willing to outsource this to us.

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