Temporay staffing in agribusiness


Temporary staffing in agribusiness and Agrochemical companies.. 

Today’s leading agricultural companies have established there wast e presence across the subconteint of Asia. Mainly because of its climate which favor the research and development. Another is huge market for Worlds 1/3 population which stays here.

This also lead to huge job opportunity for the Indians, the agribusiness companies have also benchmarked a new high in. Salaries, perks, and facilities which Indian companies have not tried of.

A comparative studies show that about 40% of the people working in major mnc of agribusiness are on third party payroll. Even if this people are kept on service provider payroll they also enjoy the desire salaries.

Companies like Dow chemical international, Monsanto India, Syngenta, dupont,adama  India, bsf, have huge people working on off role. Divided into field development officer, sales executive, office support staff, processing plant people, facility management, security and Labour.

Jobnet also plays a crucial role for some of this companies off role  requirment. They have been provided at par compliance support. We have kept minimum barrier for people on off role to approach  us for their all queries addressed.




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